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Transposer - Web Version - (undergoing testing, but safe to use.)

1. Paste your chords and (optional) lyrics below. You will not see every line, but you can scroll up, if you wish. It is all there! See below for more info.

2. Use the 2 drop-downs to select your from/to keys. (The actual notes don't really matter, but make sure you pick 2 that are the desired distance apart). You can also choose if you want a note to appear as e.g. F# or Gb.

From key:             To key:          Check if you prefer e.g. F# to Gb (default is flat)

4. The transposed music will appear below - copy it, then paste into your word-processor/editor. Note that you should use a font such as Courier New, where every letter has the same width. Sometimes, you might need to adjust the spaces between chords, to position them exactly above the lyric syllables. ( to copy: right-click in the music, choose 'select all'. Then right-click, and choose 'copy').


More Info

Updated 10 May 2022.
Here is a tiny example:

A       G/A
This is my song
      E7         A
It is not very  long.

It is in A. Copy it, paste it above, and try to change it into e.g. B.
The input can be chords and lyrics, or even just chords. Sometimes, the spacing of the result is not perfect, and you might need to change it slightly so that the chords are over the exact syllable.
Sometimes, the program gets it wrong. For example, is 'Am' a chord or an English word? What about 'Daug', or Daughter? Or the song 'ABC'. Is A B C English, or chords? The program attempts to figure it out by looking at a complete line, not just individual items. But it is not 100% perfect - sorry!