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Spry, and the SpryEd Editor


Spry is a very interesting programming language that I am experimenting with. It was created by Goran Krampe, and is on-going in 2022. . It has similarities to Smalltalk, Rebol, Nim, Lisp etc.

It is under development, not nailed-down yet. Here are some links:

Spry has a REPL, and you only need a basic text editor, but it is better if you use an editor which has been configured. Here you can download a toy one, for Windows.

SpryEd Editor

Here is the download - written in 2019) - it is less than 1MB, and its help page has info about installation of Spry, etc.

Here is a screenshot

To install, basically download and unzip it. Look in the helpfile for more details.