GUI Creator for Ruby + Fox

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Main menu

The main menu has:

  • Change Working Directory. New directories should be created before entering foxGUIb. See the first program

    for a simple example.

    However, for more serious programs, the following directory structure should be used:

        source      (put your code, and generated .rb files here)
            gui     (put generated layout files here (.pp, .rbin)
            icons   (put image icons here (.jpg, .png etc)
    When you link a widget to an icon (by the img = property, foxGUIb expects an icons directory to be used.
  • New MainWindow - create a top-level window. See the first program for an example.
  • New DialogBox - creates a pop-up dialog box. See Dialogs for details.
  • Save Layout - saves the layout to a file, in text format (pp) or binary for speed of loading (rbin). Rbin is recommended, because pp has a limit on the amount of nesting it can handle. See the first program for an example.
  • Save Layout As - allows the choice of file name for the layout file.
  • Close Layout - closes the current layout
  • Exit
If you don't explicitly save the layout, it is saved automatically in an 'un-named' file.


Guide Contents