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If you want to do GUI programing in Ruby, there are a number of GUI toolkits, one of them being FOX. This is a multi-platform kit, including versions for Windows and Linux. It is written in C++, but can be used from other languages if an interface is provided, For Ruby, we have FXRuby, written by Lyle Johnson.

Though FXRuby is powerful, writing a good GUI is still intricate, and tedious at times. foxGUIb removes the tedium of writing code to place widgets on screen, setting properties etc, and gives you 'point-and-click' creation.

Who is foxGUIb for?

  • for people with limited experience of Ruby and FXRuby. They will be able to create small GUI-based programs. This guide attempts to explain layouts and components at this level.
  • For Ruby/FXRuby experts. They will want to experiment with prototypes of GUIs, trying alternative widgets, layouts, and properties. foxGUIb makes this easy.

What is not in the guide

The guide does not cover the coding needed to drive the components. Instead, it points you to other tutorials. (Sorry about that :)

The foxGUIb home page is at:


Guide Contents