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foxGUIb uses the Fox library, and the FXRuby interface to it. It is recommended that you get the latest versions of these,

For Windows, there is a one-click installer ( Follow the 'Files' link. This includes the latest versions of Fox and FXRuby.

On Linux, install Ruby by the usual process.

If you need to find the version numbers of Fox as supplied with your Ruby, look in ReleaseNotes.txt.


Get foxGUIb from

Unpack it into any directory. Run the file install.rb in the libGUIb directory

To run it on Windows, use foxGUIb_win32.rbw in the foxGUIb directory

To run it on Linux, use foxGUIb.rb

Version numbers: libGUIb14 works with fox14 and libGUIb16 will work with fox16. Make sure you have the matching versions.

Distributing programs made with foxGUIb

The download of foxGUIb consists of 2 parts: the foxGUIb application, and the libGUIb library which it uses. Running the file install.rb in the libGUIb directory installs the libary, whereas the application needs no istalling - it just runs.

For others to use your programs, they need to install the libGuib library. You need to provide the library for them, or tell them where to get it. The library alone can also be downloaded from

Advanced Notes

For many users, the above actions will be sufficient. Here are some extras:

libGUIb is the library required by foxGUIb and generated sources. Installation: ruby install.rb (on Linux with super user privileges)

libGUIb has been packed in a single file for your convenience. if you don't want your sources to depend on libGUIb you can add libGUIb16.rb (for v1.4.x) to your sources and set the ruby path ($:) to point to it.

foxGUIb should be run from its own directory otherwise it won't find its files.


Guide Contents