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Guitar Tab Maker

Converts a line of string/note information into guitar tab. v0.5 (April 2022).


Writing guitar tab with a text editor is tricky - so here is a program to help.

Paste in a single line of notes (see below), click the button to convert it to guitar tab. Copy the result, and paste it somewhere. You should use a fixed-with font, such as Courier New. See below for full details.

1. Paste your line of notes below, e.g:
3.4 [3.6 2.6] 4.1

3. The tab text will appear below - copy it, then paste into your word-processor/editor. ( to copy: right-click below, choose 'select all'. Then right-click, and choose 'copy').


The Input Format

A series of notes, in the form string.fret (so 6.7 means string 6, 7th fret).
To specify several notes played at the same time (e.g. a chord) enclose them in square brackets, as in:

6.7 [2.5 3.5] 6.4 [2.3 3.3]
Use spaces to separate notes. More spaces reflect in the eventual tab, with longer time gaps.

There are some more commands:
B - gives a bar line
G - use open G tuning

The item following a dot is not checked - so it can contain anything, really. Here is an example showing hammering-on, pulling off, and a slide up:
6.7   6.8h9p8   6./10 


Input line:
6.7   [1.7   2.7]          6.0
Output Text:
Note that this program does not access your files, it runs purely in the web browser.