The Buttons

The basic use is to amend your code, click Run, or Run-Capture. Fix any errors. The program runs in a Dos window. Use Run-Capture when you are looking for syntax errors, and use Run to execute, when the syntax errors have gone. Falcon options can also be set - see below. The Run commands also warn you about possible colon/semicolon errors, such as

   if a==3:print("sometimes"); print("always")

The Run Button - saves your code, then runs Falcon. Results go to a Dos window, as do compile and execution errors. The Dos window remains open (e.g for user interaction).

The Run-Capture - as Run, except that error output goes into Fade's bottom pane. Click on an error message to take you to the errored line. The Dos window closes.

The PP Button - indents the code. The assumption is that the code already has sensible line-breaks. PP does not move code from one line to another. I do not recommend using PP on files with syntax errors, but you might want to experiment with this! There is a PP-undo command in the Edit menu. A backup copy is also placed in safeOriginaBAK.fal

The File menu

Open, Save, Save As, Print, Exit have their normal meanings. NB the Run buttons also do a save. Print does not currently work on my Windows 7 PC, though it did under XP (prints blank pages forever!)

New Fal File creates a 'hello world' program, and forces you to save it before you start compiling. You cannot start typing into the editor without creating a new file, or opening an existing one.

The Edit menu

... have their normal meanings.

The Tools menu

Lines Containing - really a simplified grep. Use it to show every line containing (or not containing) an item. If you show every line not containing e.g. 6 spaces, you see the outer-level logic - a bit like code-folding.

I find this useful to find e.g. variables declared but not used. (They only occur once)

Cross-reference displays a list of names (key words, and variable names) and "strings" used, together with the line numbers they occur in. Helps with mis-spellings, etc.

Set Command-Line Args - Used to pass data to programs when they are launched. If one of your args contains spaces, then "quote" them. Here is a line with 3 args:

cat "a dog" fish

The Config Menu

Current Falcon options shows any options you have set.

Set Falcon options lets you enter options to be passed to the Falcon system.

Bigger/smaller text - obvious.

Black/white - switches the editor scren from black-on-white to white-on-black and vice-versa.

The Help menu

Most of these link to websites. Falcon options can be listed as well.

Bugs, Features, Issues

Some of these are possible to fix/include, some are not. Some depend on the Windows port, which is out of my control.

  • Syntax highlighting - uses Java's reserved words list. Quite possible to change. Sometime...
  • PP does not do 'catch' properly - easy to fix.
  • PP does not do the list/function stuff. Needs looking at.
  • Would like to capture compile-time errors alone, not get run-time ones as well.