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Chord Lifter

'Lifter' converts chord/lyric sheets with embedded chords, into the conventional style. For example:
[C]My song [F] is 
not [G7] very [C]long. 
- is converted to:
C       F
My song is 
    G7    C
not very long.
1. Paste the embedded-chord music (with chords in square brackets) below. You will not see every line, but you can scroll up, if you wish. It is all there!


The converted music will appear below - copy it, then paste into your word-processor/editor.
( to copy: right-click in the music, choose 'select all'. Then right-click, and choose 'copy').

In your word-processor, you should use a font such as Courier New, where every letter has the same width. Sometimes, you might need to adjust the spaces between chords , to position them exactly above the lyric syllables.